TouchNet Marketplace offers e-commerce functionality, with easy to create online stores for services or product offerings, and a secure payment gateway for credit card payments. Please note the sale of items is not permitted. If you want to sell merchandise, please contact Bruce Jenkins (

There are two options for taking payments within TouchNet’s Marketplace: uStores and uPay sites. Payments are processed and posted in Banner to the Banner FOAP instructed in Item 10 on the application for either an uStore or an uPay site.  Both options are subject to interchange fees for credit card processing and will be charged to the Banner FOAP instructed in Item 11 on the application. 

Please review the following information to determine which option is right for your department’s needs for collecting online payments. To see how others at Longwood University are using TouchNet Marketplace solutions, please visit the Longwood MarketPlace Mall.

An uStore allows users to create an online store with service offerings that can be purchased directly through the store via credit card.

An uPay site allows more creative flexibility than the uStore in terms of the format of the site as well as the possibility of interfacing with other systems and applications. An uPay site requires more technical expertise to manage.

If your department is interested in taking credit card payments and is currently not doing so, please complete the Payment Card Application.

*Please note that uPay sites and uStores must adhere to all Longwood University’s policies including network security. The purpose and the content of any Longwood University store/site must comply with all aforementioned University policies and may require additional approvals/review prior to establishing, or during the lifetime of the store/site. If it is determined that your site’s content is not in compliance with these policies, your Department may be asked to close the store.  As with all activities supported by your Department, Student Accounts is not responsible for determining if the store/site is in full compliance with these policies, that remains the responsibility of the Department.*