The ability to conduct credit card transactions has become a necessity for increased customer service, particularly with the demands for e-commerce.  Longwood recognizes that use of credit cards can improve customer service, stimulate sales in certain types of transactions, and bring efficiencies to the cash collection process.  The need to protect our customer’s credit card data is crucial.  This website provides University departments with essential information regarding the requirements and best practices for payment card related activities.  The primary policy source for the handling of payment cards is University Policy 1015: Credit and Debit Card Security Policy.

Any unit that accepts credit cards must do so in compliance with industry standards governing credit card transaction processing, specifically Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS), and in accordance with University policy and procedures.  Longwood University has established a PCI Project Team with the responsibility of developing strategies to ensure PCI DSS requirements are met.  This Team has been granted the authority to govern PCI decisions and approve credit card acceptance practices.  The Vice President for Administration and Finance may terminate credit card collection privileges for any department not in compliance with the requirements of PCI DSS.

Prior to a University department accepting credit cards as a form of payment for goods and services, it must receive advance approval from the Bursar.  Any agreements made with third parties relative to credit/debit card transaction processing must be approved by the Vice President for Administration and Finance.  Departments are prohibited from negotiating their own contracts with third parties when credit/debit card acceptance is involved.


Accepting Cards for Payment

If your department is considering becoming a credit card merchant, there are several factors to consider.  Merchants are responsible for

(1)   adhering to all applicable requirements of PCI DSS and University policy and procedures,

(2)   completing an annual Credit Card Merchant Assessment,

(3)   annual validation of PCI DSS compliance with their acquirer (VIA Self Assessment Questionnaire),

(4)   maintaining departmental procedures and making them available for periodic review,

(5)   documenting that individuals involved in credit card activities are familiar with cardholder data security practices and complete annual credit card security training upon hire and at least annually,

(6)   providing third-party service provider "Attestation of Compliance" (If Applicable), and

(7)   covering all expenses associated with payment card merchant accounts, to include equipment costs, processing fees and the cost of annual PCI compliance validation.

The Bursar can guide you in your decision by reviewing departmental requirements and recommending the most efficient and cost-effective method available for payment card acceptance.


TouchNet e-Commerce Services 

Longwood University, in partnership with TouchNet, can offer secure electronic payment methods through a product called Marketplace

Does your department have an existing web presence and wish to accept payments online?  Are you planning to hold a workshop or conference?  Do you need to collect fees or payments for services/events?  Are you looking for automation and a customer-friendly e-commerce product?  If so, an online store may be just the solution for you!

 Benefits to implementing TouchNet Marketplace include:

  • Stores are set up to accept Visa, Master Card and Discover
  • Available online – no "snail mail" payments
  • Accessed by an easy payment link from your website
  • Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for your customer’s convenience
  • Payments post to budgets next business day
  • Provides real-time payment reporting
  • Stores can be customized to meet your department needs
  • Secure, PCI compliant payment solution
  • Eliminates cash handling processes
  • Promotes standard payment practices
  • Available at a reasonable cost 

If you are interested in learning more about what the TouchNet Marketplace online payment solution can do for your department, contact the Office of Cashiering & Student Accounts at 395-2270.