Disability Resources, which is part of the Student Affairs division, currently provides supports for students with disabilities. The Disability Resources office provides accommodations and supports mandated by federal law (the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990) and serves as a resource to the University in providing a non-discriminatory environment. Programmatic activities include:

(1) one-to-one and small group counseling and advising of students;

(2) gathering and maintaining confidential student files;

(3) approving and facilitating disability based accommodations with students and all departments, units, and programs across campus;

(4) providing mandated accommodations such as test and exam proctoring in a quiet, distraction reduced environment, and production of alternate format materials;

(5) provision of equipment and a computer lab for assistive technology instruction and use.

Our Mission

We work with a diverse population of students with documented disabilities to assure equal educational access. We seek to collaborate with all components of the University community to increase awareness, remove barriers, and promote an inclusive environment where students are empowered to be successful learners, self-advocates, and citizen leaders.

Our Vision

We strive to create a universally inclusive campus through innovative and individualized practices that foster independent and confident students, informed and engaged faculty, and creates a collaborative and welcoming campus community for all.


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