All Construction Work:

  • The Longwood Project Manager is either:
    • assigned by Longwood Capital Design and Construction Department
    • A Trade Shop Supervisor for Facilities Management
    • or the Longwood supervisor who contracted the work to be done.
  • Potential or predicted impacts to the Longwood University community (roads blocked, power or water outages, etc. …) must be communicated to the Longwood Project Manager as early as reasonably possible.
  • Silica Dust – Creation of respirable silica dust that enters public space must be less than 50 micrograms per cubic meter
  • Cranes – The contractor must provide a copy of the crane lift plan to the Longwood University Project Manager before the lift.

Outside of an established construction fence on University owned or operated property:

  • All work shall be coordinated through the Longwood Project Manager
  • All work shall be in accordance with Longwood University policies and procedures to include:
    • Hot Work Permits – Permits are issued by EH&S
    • Confined Space Entry – EH&S issues Confined Space Entry Permits
  • Vehicles – Any backing-up, or other movement where the vehicle operator can’t directly view their path, must use watchers who are in communication with the vehicle operator.
  • Smoking and Vaping – Smoking (including vaping) is restricted to designated smoking areas.

Inside of an established construction fence:

  • The contractor has sole responsibility for the safety of the site.
  • The contractor is responsible for establishing procedures and policies to ensure compliance with applicable regulations.
  • EH&S has the right to stop work if an immediately dangerous to life or health situation exists. Should EH&S observe questionable work practices, they will report the incident to the Longwood Project Manager, who in-turn will report the work practice to the project's Job Superintendent so they are aware of the situation and can take action as they deem necessary. 
  • Work that creates an impact outside of the established construction fence shall be coordinated through the Longwood Project Manager to ensure the safety of people outside the fence.
  • Pedestrian routing and safety plans must be coordinated with the Longwood Project Manager and EH&S for the duration of the project.