Crowd Management, Tents, Stages and other Temporary Structures


If your planned event at Longwood will include any of the following thresholds, read the associated procedure instructions on the related page linked below:


Crowd Managers - required when attendance is 1000 or more people.

Temporary Structures require a State permit and inspection

  • Tents:
    • Exceed 900 square feet of area
    • Are to be used for cooking
    • Are planned to hold more than 50 people inside
    • will be within 20 feet of another structure
  • Stages (portable platforms greater than 3 inches high)
  • Inflatables (bounce houses, obstacle courses, …)
  • Rides (excluding mechanical bull type rides)
  • Grandstands (portable seating platforms)

Fires and Fireworks

  • Small fires in enclosures require an EH&S permit
  • Propane cooking fires are exempted provided they are at least 20 feet away from any structures
  • Fires during the annual Spring Burn Prohibition require a State permit.
  • Bonfires (greater than 3 feet across) require both an EH&S permit and a State permit
  • Pyrotechnics require a State permit
  • Fireworks require a State permit

Events Involving Animals

  • Any Longwood University sponsored event that included planned involvement of animals requires that the event sponsor collect proof of vaccination and an owner’s responsibility certification for each animal that participates in the event.