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eVA logoWhat is eVA?

eVA is a web-based procurement system that all state agencies and institutions in the Commonwealth of Virginia are required to use, as mandated by the Governor.

Learn more on the official eVA website

Executive Order Number 20 (2014)

Released on July 22nd, 2014 Executive Order 20 discusses and outlines the new and upcoming subcategory of "Micro-SWaM" business's and their opportunities.

We will post more information on how this will impact Longwood as soon as it becomes available.

You can see Executive Order 20 here (pdf).

What are the benefits of using eVA?

  • Online history of orders
  • Simple reordering process
  • Large database of suppliers and catalogs
  • Many orders can be sent electronically

Who should use eVA and for what purchases?

Anyone who purchases goods and services for the University must use eVA.  Primary transactions that are excluded include the following:

  • VISA card over the counter purchases.
  • Advertisements.
  • Professional organizational membership dues and registrations.
  • Honoraria and entertainment (speakers, lecturers, musicians, performing artists).
  • Accreditation fees and academic testing services.
  • Individual travel and lodging.
  • Additional exclusions can be found in the eVA Exclusions List (pdf).

Three (3) internal exclusions have been added and approved by the Director of Materiel Management:

  • Purchases charged to a 10-digit budget code beginning with a zero (0) (Foundation).
  • Purchases charged to a budget code beginning with a four (4) or eight (8) (Agency Local Accounts).
  • Other internal exclusions as approved by the Director. Approval must be received prior to using this exclusion.

How do I find out if a vendor is registered in eVA?

View a list of registered eVA vendors on the eVA website. This should be verified prior to creating a requisition in eVA.

What if my vendor is not registered in eVA?

You can contact the vendor to encourage them to join eVA.  It is critical that you explain the following information to the vendor:

  • 1% of every transaction (capped at $500) per order will be charged to the vendor.
  • Registration can be completed on the eVA website.
  • Register as a basic or premium vendor (premium vendors receive notification of solicitations).
  • American Management Systems (eVA system administrator) will invoice the vendors for these related fees.

If your selected supplier refuses to join eVA, you can search for another supplier that participates in eVA or the departmental budget must absorb the 1% vendor transaction fee.

How do I get an eVA account?

The 4 required forms to request a new eVA account can be found under . Contact Materiel Management at x2093, if you have any questions about completing the forms.  Once the completed forms have been submitted to the Materiel Management office, you will be required to complete an eVA/Procurement Training Class.  You will be notified when the training class is scheduled.  Once you complete the training class, you will be issued a User ID and temporary password to access eVA.

Expenditure Limits and Required Approvals

A user's expenditure limit is automatically set to $0.00.

The eVA approval flow is established based on the expenditure approver specified on the Request for eVA User Profile Form (pdf).  The eVA system automatically routes all requests over $2,000 to the Materiel Management office for "buyer approval".  Additionally, all requests for $2,500 or more, are automatically routed to the Director of Materiel Management for approval.

More specialized commodities, such as computer hardware/software, telecommunications equipment/services,  printing services and copiers, require "commodity approval" as set up in the eVA system.  These commodity approvers are automatically added in the approval flow, based on the commodity code that is selected when creating the eVA requisition.

How do I sign up for training?

Contact Materiel Management at x2093 for information on eVA training classes. Once you complete the initial training, you will be assigned a Username and Temporary Password that will give you access to the eVA system.

General Requirements of eVA

All purchase transactions governed by the Virginia Public Procurement Act shall be processed through eVA, unless it is identified as an exclusion.

eVA advanced procurement tools (i.e., Quick Quote) shall be used for all purchase transactions from $5,000 to $50,000 requiring competition. The Materiel Management office handles these types of procurements for all departments on campus.


Self Certification and Fees for Non-Compliant Purchase Transactions

Each month the Director of Materiel Management shall submit a self-certification that the University has or has not complied with all requirements set forth herein. Violations are identified through monthly audits conducted by Materiel Management.  If the university certifies that it has not complied with the requirements, a detailed explanation for why the University failed to comply, a corrective action plan, and an itemized list of all non-compliant purchase transactions shall be submitted to the DPS eVA Business Manager.

The Department of General Services bills Longwood for all non-compliant purchase transactions.

State-Entered Vendor Worksheet

If a vendor is not in eVA, and has expressed no interest in joining, a State-Entered Vendor Worksheet and Commonwealth of Virginia Substitute W-9 may be submitted to Materiel Management to add to the system.

Download the State-Entered Vendor worksheet

Download the Commonwealth of Virginia Substitute W-9



Orders to Vendors Not Registered in eVA and Related Fees

There may be times when a department is compelled to do business with vendors that refuse to register in eVA (state-entered vendors) and the specific purchase transaction is not included in the exemption list set forth in APSPM Section 14.9.b. In such cases, the University is required to process the order through eVA in accordance with one of the following processing options:

  • If the vendor agrees to accept the eVA terms and conditions regarding vendor payment of the eVA transaction fee, you must document the vendor's agreement in the eVA requisition "Comments" box and process the order using the E01, P01, R01, S01 Purchase Order Category, as appropriate.
  • If the vendor refuses to accept the eVA terms and conditions regarding vendor payment of the VA transaction fee, you must document the vendor's refusal in the eVA requisition "Comments" box and process the order using the E02, P02 Purchase Order Category, as appropriate. In such cases, the ordering department will be required to pay the eVA 1% vendor transaction fee as well as the 1% agency transaction fee.


eVA Terms and Conditions & Instruction to Vendors

View the Terms and Conditions & Vendor Instructions on the eVA website.

eVA Order Terms and Conditions

This order is governed in all respects by the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia, including the Virginia Public Procurement Act (VPPA), the Commonwealth of Virginia Agency Procurement and Surplus Property Manual (APSPM), and the Commonwealth of Virginia Vendors Manual, copies of which are available at; click on the Buyer Login Tab to view the VPPA and APSPM and the Vendor Login Tab to view the Vendors Manual.

The stated price(s) include shipping FOB destination unless otherwise stated in the body of the order. In addition, this order is subject to an eVA transaction fee in accordance with the eVA Fee Schedule. This fee will be invoiced to your company, approximately 30 days after the order issue date specified on the order, by the Commonwealth of Virginia, Department of General Services. Any modification to these terms must be agreed to in writing by both parties prior to performance of this order.