Purchasing / Bidding Procedures eVA Contract Administration / Complaints Appeals & Disputes Frequently Asked Questions


In order to insure appropriate expenditure of University funds, these general principles will be followed:

  • All funds deposited with the University, regardless of source, are considered University funds. Purchases of equipment, materials, goods and services using these funds must comply with the established University purchasing policies and procedures as set forth in the Governing Rules for Procurement (pdf) of the Procurement Manual for Higher Education & Vendors (pdf).
  • A properly executed Purchase Order or a VISA card transaction are the only valid methods of committing the University for the purchase of equipment, materials, goods or services. The Purchase Order must be approved by the Director of Materiel Management and Purchasing or his/her designee.
  • Authority to set expenditure limits for faculty and staff to acquire materials, goods or services using a Purchase Order or the Commonwealth's VISA card has been delegated to each department head.
  • All purchases of equipment, materials, goods, and services (including consultants) shall be made in a fair and equitable manner.

Purchasing Process Overview

  1. Faculty/staff identifies a need.
  2. Materiel Management and Purchasing is available to assist in identifying sources and developing procurement descriptions or specifications.
  3. Materiel Management and Purchasing has final approval of all eVA orders over $5,000 prior to purchase.
  4. Product/service delivered to requestor.
  5. End User completes receiving report in eVA.
  6. Accounts Payable issues the payment.


Data Protection Addendum

The Data Protection Addendum is an add-on to the Purchasing Terms & Conditions and sets forth the terms to which University Data will be protected by a vendor during the term of an agreement or contract.

Data Protection Addendum - 07/2016