New Online Reconciliation System

A new online reconciliation system is being implemented for all SPCC cards. Training will be arranged in stages, with each department being contacted as the implementation is put into place. Training is mandatory for both cardholders and approvers to use the new system.

A guide for the new reconciliation procedures can be found here:Reconciliation Training Manual, as well as on the Forms & Documents, and Resources pages.


Here are the dates for the 2019 Billing Periods - cardholders should have all charges allocated by the Closing Date indicated in the far right column.

2019 Billing Period dates

Bank of America Visa sample card

Authorized use of the purchasing card is limited to the Card Security

Authorized use of the purchasing card is limited to the person whose name appears on the face of the card.  The purchasing card must not be loaned to another person.  In the event of an extended absence by the Cardholder, a card may be issued to another person for the duration of the absence.

The purchasing card must be kept in an accessible but secure location.  The account number on the purchasing card shall not be posted or left in a conspicuous place.

If you suspect that your card has been lost or stolen, please notify the Materiel Management Office immediately so the card can be cancelled and reissued.  In the event the University Program Administrator or Assistant Program Administrator cannot be reached, please call BOA VISA Customer Service at 1-888-449-2273 to reach the BOA VISA Program Administrator.

Records Retention

Departments are responsible for retaining a file that is compiled each month after the statement is reconciled (this file must contain at a minimum the VISA card statement, any approval forms, PO releases, log, cover sheet reflecting all charges and credits and cardholder checklist). The retention period for this documentation is five (5) years.

These records need to be retained in a neat and accessible manner within the department in the event an audit occurs.

Card Cancellation

Upon request by the University, or termination of employment, the Department Head is responsible for insuring that the BOA VISA Purchasing Card is returned to the Materiel Management Office to the attention of the Program Administrator.

Returns, Credits & Disputes

In most cases, disputes can be resolved directly between the cardholder and the supplier of the goods or services.  The cardholder must use the following guidelines when returning an item:

  • If an item needs to be returned for any reason, the cardholder will send the item back to the vendor in the manner agreed upon between the cardholder and the vendor.
  • The vendor will issue a credit for items that are returned.  The credit will appear on a subsequent charge card statement.
  • Documentation of the return (credit receipt) will be issued by the vendor.  All documentation pertaining to returns must be kept on file for reconciliation to the charge card statement.
  • The return must be recorded on the cardholder's Purchasing log.
  • If the Cardholder and the vendor/supplier cannot resolve the issue, contact the Materiel Management Office (who will call  for you) or contact BOA VISA Customer Service at 1-888-449-2273.  BOA VISA will investigate the dispute on the Cardholder's behalf and assist in the solution.  If necessary, BOA VISA will issue a temporary credit pending final resolution.


Visit the Longwood University  for more information on the VISA small purchase card and procedures.