Carpool Plan for Longwood University Faculty and Staff

  • A Carpool will consist of 2 to 4 persons who agree to travel to and from work together in one vehicle.
  • Members of the carpool must be identified and one member of the group will be designated the carpool manager for that group. The carpool participation form will be completed by the carpool manager and submitted to the Parking Services Office.
  • Each member of the carpool will give to the Parking Services Office the vehicle information for one car per person to be used with the carpool permit as the group members rotate driving. This information will be part of the carpool participation form. If a member was on the payroll deduction plan, they must notify Payroll that they are leaving that plan and joining carpool.
  • The carpool will receive one parking permit at a discounted flat rate, the cost to be divided amongst the group members. This flat rate will be $100.00. This fee will be paid at the Cashiering Office in Lancaster Hall.
  • Each member of the carpool will be given 36 temporary use punch permits. These will be used by the individuals on those days in which they are unable to carpool due to outside obligations. This is determined as 3 passes X 12 months. However, the employee can decide how and when to use them. The pass will require that the month and day be punched from the pass to validate it for the day it is used.
  • The carpool vehicle will continue to park in Faculty/Staff parking zones.
  • The carpool manager is responsible for informing the Parking Services Office of any change in the carpool participants. Should a member drop out of the program, they will return to a salary based parking fee and will receive their own permit. If they require payroll deduction, the appropriate paperwork will be required. Should a new member join, this information must be submitted so that the payroll deduction will cease for that person. It will be the decision of the group how to handle the new member's portion of the permit cost.
  • Carpool groups will renew in August annually when the new academic year begins.

Approved by Parking Advisory Committee 6/28/11.

Staff Carpool Application