Remote Participation in In-Person Board of Visitors Meetings 0005

It is the policy of Longwood University that individual members of the Board of Visitors may participate in meetings by electronic communication as permitted by the Code of Virginia.

  1. Remote Participation in In-Person Meetings
    1. A member of the Board who is unable to attend an in-person meeting of the Board or one of its committees for one of the reasons authorized by this policy, and wishes to participate remotely, shall notify the Rector or committee chair on or before the day of the meeting. The member shall identify the reason and request to participate remotely. If the reason for the request is a personal reason, the member shall identify the nature of the personal matter with specificity. The Rector or committee chair may approve the request if a quorum of the Board or committee of the Board is physically assembled at one primary or central meeting location.
    2. Members of the Board may participate remotely for the following reasons:
      1. The member has a temporary or permanent disability or other medical condition that prevents the member's physical attendance;
      2. A medical condition of a member of the member's family requires the member to provide care that prevents the member's physical attendance;
      3. The member's principal residence is more than 60 miles from the meeting location identified in the required notice for such meeting; or
      4. The member is unable to attend the meeting due to a personal matter and identifies with specificity the nature of the personal matter. However, the member may not use remote participation due to personal matters more than two meetings per calendar year.
  2. All-Virtual Meetings
    The Board may conduct all-virtual meetings using electronic communication means, during which all members of the public body who participate do so remotely rather than being assembled in one physical location.  A decision to hold an all-virtual meeting of the Board shall be made by the Rector, upon consultation with the President.  A decision to hold an all-virtual meeting of a committee of the Board shall be made by the committee chair, after consultation with the Rector and the President.

Approved by the Board of Visitors, March 17, 2023.