Use and Display of Flags


The purpose of this policy is to establish authority for granting permission to use and display the Longwood, Commonwealth, United States, and other flags.


It is the policy of Longwood that the authority to grant permission for the use and display of the University's flag rests with the President, who may delegate such authority when appropriate and in accordance with the general requirements and spirit of "The Flag Code of the United States (PL77-829)," the Code of Virginia.


  1. United States Flag: The United States flag shall be displayed at a position of distinction to the left of the flag of the Commonwealth and at no time shall any flag fly higher than that of the national flag. The flag of the United States shall be lowered as established by Presidential order which is usually communicated through the media or other appropriate channels.
  2. Commonwealth Flag: The Commonwealth flag shall hold a position of distinction to the right of the United States' flag. The flag of the Commonwealth of Virginia shall be lowered in accordance with orders from the Governor or the State Legislature. Notification of such direction is routinely transmitted to the Director of Public Safety from the Capital, or through the media.
  3. Longwood Flag: The flag of Longwood shall hold a position of distinction to the left of the flag of the United States.
  4. United Nations and Other Designated Flags: These symbolic flags will be flown below the Commonwealth flag or Longwood flag as appropriate to symbolize distinct momentous occasions.