What is a QEP?

The QEP is a five-year institutional improvement plan that focuses on student learning or student success. Developing a plan to enhance the quality and effectiveness of the student experience is an important opportunity for Longwood. An acceptable QEP will fulfill the following five criteria will:

  • include a data-driven process of identifying key student learning or success issues in need of improvement
  • align with Longwood University’s mission and strategic priorities
  • include broad-based involvement of institutional constituencies in the development and proposed implementation of the QEP
  • demonstrate institutional capability for the initiation, implementation, and completion of the QEP, and
  • identify goals and a plan to assess their achievement. 

What is the next QEP topic?

Preparing for Post-Graduate Success - The development of the plan will focus on student retention with specific attention to improving our retention of BIPOC students. The plan will include strategies to connect students’ curricular and co-curricular learning experiences with post-graduate success. Our new QEP will involve collaboration across multiple institutional divisions as well as feasible implementation approaches.

What is next?

The QEP Development & Writing Team has been selected. The team will conduct research into existing strategies as well as recent studies related to the topic.

The members of the QEP Development & Writing Team are:

  • Pam Tracy, QEP Chair, Director of the Center for Faculty Enrichment, Professor of Communication Studies
  • Waleed Ahmed, Assistant Director of Admissions & Retention
  • Sarai Blincoe, CCCAS Assistant Dean for Curriculum and Assessment, Department Chair, Associate Professor of Psychology
  • Erica Brown-Meredith, Assistant Professor of Social Work, Director of the CLASP Program
  • JoEllen Pederson, Associate Professor of Sociology, Faculty Liaison for the Reaffirmation Leadership Team
  • Cheryl Steele, Dean of Student Engagement

Summer 2022-May 2023

  • QEP Implementation Plan Development and Writing
    • Hanover Research - Grants
    • July/August 2022 - Team Planning Retreat with Consultant
    • August - October 2022 - Topic Research
    • September/October 2022 - Campus feedback and insights
    • October - December 2022 - Writing
    • Spring 2023 - More campus feedback
    • Spring/Summer 2023 - External review

Fall 2023

  • Submission of QEP to SACSCOC

Spring 2024

  • Focused report feedback
  • QEP Presentation at SACSCOC On-Site Visit

Summer 2024 – Summer 2029

  • Refinement and Implementation