The Summer Conference Team attends Fire Extinguisher Training.

To schedule your group contact EHS at

Fire Protection Systems - When we design buildings, fire protection is integrated into the structure.

Fire Alarms and Drills - When the fire alarm activates everybody MUST immediately exit the building or go to an area of rescue.

Fires On Campus

All open fires on campus must be permitted, some require permitting by the State Fire Marshall's Office, but most can be permitted by EH&S. Fire and Fireworks

Certain Dining Services activities are exempted. These include cooking on propane fired grills and use of portable food warming fuels (gelled ethanol).

Please note that there is a state wide Spring Burn Prohibition for outside fires before 4PM from February 15-April 30.

Hot Work Permits - All hot work (welding, brazing, soldering...) outside of an established construction project fence must be permitted by EH&S. Hot Works

Electric Heaters & Blankets - by University Policy 5603, all electric space heaters must be approved for use by EH&S. Electric Heater Clearance Form

Fire Safety In Residence Halls - Certain prohibitions apply to residential student rooms.

  • Prohibited Items & Behaviors
  • Heaters, Electric Blankets, and Other Electrical Devices

Campus fire Safety Report