Student Affairs supports Longwood's mission to prepare citizen leaders by providing educational and co-curricular opportunities designed to challenge and support students as they learn and develop. Through intentional collaboration with academic and campus partners, we create an engaging, diverse and inclusive community that positively influences student learning, development, and success.


With a growing student population currently of 4,500, Student Affairs is committed to providing transformative student learning experiences that equip students as citizen leaders and life-long learners capable of achieving personal excellence within an ever-changing and increasingly diverse global society. At Longwood, every student counts and by addressing the holistic needs of each, we aim to optimize individual potential, healthy choices, a passion for learning and serving, and a respect for differences.


Student Affairs is committed to the following:

  • Valuing every student
  • Facilitating student learning
  • Fostering a respectful community
  • Creating meaningful learning environments
  • Developing student leaders
  • Promoting honor and integrity
  • Instilling civility
  • Partnering to address safety, health, and wellness


Longwood's mission to prepare citizen leaders for the common good guides Student Affairs' commitment to the development of the whole student. Through intentional learning opportunities - teaching, mentoring, activities, service, counseling, and advising - our team of professionals is dedicated to challenging and supporting students in active learning while promoting community, pluralism, civility, honor, and integrity. The alignment of student and academic affairs demonstrates commitment to learning and the development of student leaders.

2016-17 Student Affairs Organizational Chart (Assoc Directors+) (pdf)

Student Affairs Domains of Learning

Longwood University recognizes that student learning extends beyond the boundaries of the classroom. Student learning is infused into all programmatic efforts and daily interactions with students and faculty. Learning outcomes are achieved by promoting a meaningful learning environment. Collectively, all within Student Affairs are committed to the development and assessment of the following areas of learning.

  • Attitude of Inquiry
  • Intercultural Competency
  • Citizenship and Social Responsibility
  • Honor and Integrity
  • Leadership
  • Wellness