The Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs oversees the formal components of professional development offered to our staff and Student Success partners; they include a multi-session New Professional Staff Orientation, an extended semester-opening workshop, monthly professional in-services, and typically, a two-day year-closing event with a community service option.  Additionally, the Student Affairs Professional Development Team sponsors numerous social and educational professional development activities including a bi-monthly article, book, and TED Talk Breakfast Discussion Series and varying opportunities to reflect upon learning gained from campus speakers, programs, and webinars.  Student Affairs staff regularly participate in campus-wide staff development training opportunities sponsored by campus partners on general topics related to communication, supervision, conflict management, change, and social media use.  Several staff members are actively involved in their respective professional associations, serving on commission directorate boards and other governing bodies, as well as attending and offering workshops at national and regional professional conferences and writing for newsletters and journals. 

The ACPA / NASPA Professional Competency Areas for Student Affairs Practitioners have been loosely adopted as a curriculum for planning and tracking the content offered, and individual self-assessments (see links listed below) for each of the ten competency areas have been developed. On each competency criterion, staff evaluate their self-perceptions of skill, ability, and knowledge as well as the perceived importance to their position.  Individual and group results are used by supervisors to plan follow-up trainings and prioritize professional development travel choices.  To date, the "Leadership" Self-Assessment the "Assessment, Evaluation, and Research" Self-Assessment the "Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion" Self-Assessment and the "Law, Policy & Governance" Professional Competency Self-Assessments have been administered and results analyzed.  Plans are underway to adopt the "Student Learning and Development" Self-Assessment" competency area in January 2014.

A Mapping of all Student Affairs sponsored professional development offerings since 2008 tracked by professional competency area is maintained. 

Longwood Developed ACPA / NASPA Professional Competency Self-Assessments


Professional Development Resources

Please refer to the SA Shared Drive for staff email listings, hiring resources, professional foundational documents, technology tips, SACS related documents, and various workshop outlines.  For access and to add a document, please contact Kate Stewart at 2039 or