Student Affairs Annual WATERMARK Online and Departmental Reports

All functional areas within Student Affairs participate in assessment and report annually on progress related to objectives and learning outcomes through Watermark (PDF) and Departmental Annual Reports (doc).  The Department Annual Report includes six sections that reflect SACS-COC institutional performance expectations as well as other dashboard indicators of success. 

Collectively, the once-every-six-years formal program review process (e.g. CAS Self-Studies, EBI Skyfactor Assessments, etc.) and annual Watermark Assessment and Departmental Reports are used to document Student Affairs’ contribution to the University’s mission and strategic priorities and Longwood students’ learning and success. 

The annual deadline for these reports is June 30 and copies should be provided to your unit head, the AVPSA, and the VPSA.  Copies of these reports are available from the Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs.