Missing Student Notification 5008


To establish guidelines which describe the investigation of missing persons and making appropriate entries into VCIN and NCIC and to on-call administrative employees.


Student Registration Process

Students are encouraged to utilize forms prepared and made available by the University to provide emergency contact information. The University will ensure that all students are able to update their contact information when needed. These procedures and forms are communicated routinely to students during: new student orientation, residence hall meetings, and the start of fall and spring semesters. Notification of this policy is referenced in the annual Campus Security Report and the Longwood University website.

Students must be reassured that their emergency contact information will be:

  1. Registered confidentially;
  2. Accessible only to authorized campus officials; and
  3. Disclosed only to law enforcement personnel for the sole purpose of their investigation.

Missing Student Notification

All students will have the opportunity and means to identify an individual or individuals to be contacted in an emergency when the University determines that a student is missing. Upon receipt of a complaint, report or expression of concern about a missing student, the Longwood University Police Department (LUPD) will undertake all reasonable efforts and attempts to contact the student. A student will be deemed missing when contact has not been made for more than 24 hours. If the missing student is under the age of 18 and is not an emancipated individual, LUPD will notify the student’s parent or legal guardian immediately after it is determined that the student is missing. Circumstances that warrant a faster response and notification sooner than 24 hours may include, but are not limited to:

  • There is evidence of possible criminal activity in connection with the student’s disappearance;
  • The student, regardless of age, has known or suspected physical/mental disability or condition or is otherwise compromised, and there is thought to exist risk of an immediate danger to his/her safety or the safety of others. The student, regardless of age, is believed to be in the company, voluntarily or involuntarily, of another.

When the missing student is located, LUPD will contact the student to offer any appropriate support, as well as the emergency contacts and/or parents or legal guardians to confirm the student has been located.

If the investigation is unsuccessful in locating the missing student, LUPD will continue to investigate according to established police procedures.

Revised and approved by the Board of Visitors on June 6, 2022.