Operation of Institutional Golf Carts, Utility Vehicles and Farm Tractors 5010


The purpose of this policy is to establish the rules for operating approved golf carts, utility vehicles and vehicles classified as farm tractors in support of Longwood sponsored activities.


  1. Golf Cart:a self propelled vehicle that is designated to transport persons playing golf and their equipment on a golf course. Carts that have been modified for multi-passenger use will be included in this definition.
  2. Utility Vehicle:a motor vehicle that is (i) designed for off road use; and (ii) used for general maintenance, security, agricultural or horticultural purposes.
  3. Farm Tractor: every motor vehicle designed and used as a farm, agricultural, or horticultural implement for drawing plows, mowing machines, and other farm, agricultural or horticultural machinery and implements including self-propelled mowers designed and used for mowing lawns.


  1. Vehicle Requirements
    1. All golf carts, utility vehicles or farm tractors operated between sunset and sunrise must be equipped with headlamps and taillights. These lights must be utilized while the vehicle is in motion in times of darkness.
    2. All golf carts, utility vehicles or farm tractors operated on campus or town streets must have a slow moving vehicle placard visibly affixed to their rear.
    3. All carts will be registered with Public Safety and inspected yearly by facilities management. Carts will display the assigned registration designation on the front and back of carts.
  2. Driver Requirements
    1. Golf Cart or Utility Vehicle drivers must hold a valid driver's license if they are operated on campus or Town streets.
    2. Farm Tractor drivers are not required to hold a driver's license.
    3. All drivers must adhere to the Eligibility Guidelines for Operation of an Institutional Vehicle.
    4. Drivers of golf carts and utility vehicles must complete a minimal training session covering the following topics:
      1. Permissible areas of operation.
      2. Requirements effect by hours of operation.
      3. Authorized predetermined routes on and off campus (if authorized)
      4.  Parking Restrictions
      5. Passenger Limits
      6. How to handle accidents
      7. Basic Cart Operations
  3. Golf Cart and Utility Vehicle Operation
    1. Carts and Utility Vehicles may be operated only on roadways and sidewalks as designated on the approved Golf/Utility Cart Route Map 2018 (pdf).
    2. Carts and Utility Vehicles may not leave the main campus, unless specifically allowed by town ordinance. The main campus for this policy is defined as the area bounded by Griffin Boulevard, High Street and South Main Street.
    3. Carts and Utility Vehicles must always yield to pedestrians.
    4. Carts and Utility Vehicles may not operate on grassy areas of campus unless yielding the right of way or following a temporary, approved cart path.
    5. Carts and Utility Vehicles may only be operated on Brock Commons in compliance with Longwood University Policy, "Motorized Vehicular Access to Brock Commons."
    6. Operators will observe all Commonwealth traffic laws, such as lane travel, stop signs, etc.
    7. Passengers are limited to those that fit within the manufacturer's installed seating area. Tilt beds and flat beds are not intended for passenger use.
    8.  All occupants shall keep hands, arms, legs and feet within the confines of the golf cart and utility vehicle at all times when the cart is in motion.
    9. Parking is only permitted in specific areas, as designated on the approved  (pdf).
    10. When the cart or utility vehicle is not in use, the operator will place the control lever in the "Neutral" position and remove the key.
    11. Speed Limits:
      1. Operators must not exceed speed limits for motorized vehicles.
      2. Operators must reduce speed on walkways and in pedestrian areas. In crowded pedestrian areas, operators must park or proceed at a slow walking pace.
  4. Penalties for Violations of This policy
    1. Violations should be reported to the supervisor of the office to whom the golf cart, utility vehicle or farm tractor is assigned.
    2. Violations may also be reported to Campus Police.
    3. Campus Police Officers have the authority to suspend the driver’s privilege to operate any such vehicle on campus.
    4. The Longwood University Chief of Police, or his designee, will review any such suspension as soon as practical. The privilege to operate the vehicle may be denied, reinstated, or reinstated contingent on disciplinary actions that may include remedial training.
    5. Drivers who violate State Law may be criminally charged.

Approved by the Board of Visitors April 1, 2005.
Revised and approved by the Board of Visitors, December 7, 2012.
Revised and approved by the Board of Visitors, December 4, 2014.