As you know, Solomon ( is a hub for Longwood faculty and staff news and communication. In that light, we wanted to introduce to you two new communication features that go live today (Monday, March 13).

Note: For an overview of all the news and communication features within Solomon, including the new features below and how they compare, see this guide.

Solomon Sharing & Shout-Outs

What it is: Solomon Sharing and Shout-Outs is a forum designed to engage and strengthen the Longwood faculty and staff community. All faculty and staff are encouraged to share news about personal and professional accomplishments and milestones (promotions, awards, publications, weddings, births/adoptions, retirements, etc.); details about campus and town activities of interest; words of recognition for co-workers; and even fun anecdotes and general musings.

Who can post: All faculty and staff can post shares and shout-outs. View the how-to guide to get started! While this is an open forum, we ask that you keep your comments and posts civil and appropriate. We reserve the right to remove any content including, but not limited to, defamatory content; profanity; libel; ethnic or racial slurs; sexist, homophobic or similar content; attacks against an individual, group or the university as a whole; and any other content that conflicts with the purpose of this feature. Please note that all posts are publicly accessible.

How to access: You can always view the latest shares and shout-outs at the bottom of the Solomon homepage. For the full wall with more shares and shout-outs, visit The latest shares and shout-outs will also be included in the e-newsletter (see below).

(Note: This is new experimental functionality. Features and guidelines may change over time based on usage and feedback.)

Solomon Sharing and Shout-Outs


Solomon E-Newsletter

What it is: Similar to the retired Insider Newsletter, the latest news and events from Solomon are now delivered via email to all faculty and staff in digest form. You can expect to receive this email on Monday afternoons, which will feature the latest news, shares and shout-outs, and events.

Who can post: The latest news and information is automatically pulled from the Solomon website. Please refer to this guide regarding desired types of news and information and who can post.

(Note: To ensure you don’t miss any news or announcements in between weekly emails, please bookmark and check it regularly. Updates are posted often by faculty and staff, and we can’t guarantee that weekly emails will include ALL shares and shout-outs.)

Solomon E-Newsletter

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