TerminalFour Support

To access TerminalFour, visit: http://t4.longwood.edu 
(ID and password are your LancerNet ID and password.)

For website changes, projects and support requests, visit: http://requests.longwood.edu
(Don't like forms? Simply email your request to webrequest@longwood.edu.)

To sign up for training and gain access to your Solomon website, visit: 


Notice: TerminalFour website training is now being conducted via Zoom on an individual basis. Please contact tuckerws@longwood.edu to arrange a session for Part 1 or Part 2. Please allocate 1.5 hours to each training.

TerminalFour Part 1: This covers Intro, News, Events

TerminalFour Part 2: This covers making other types of content such as Forms, Documents, New Pages, Contact Info, and more. You'll need to have done Part 1 first before taking Part 2.

Additional information and support tutorials are available in the navigation menu to the right under Website Support.