How to add bio information to your directory profile pages:

Note: Editing Directory Information is currently only available to anyone who has a “role type” of faculty in the HR system which includes everyone on the academic side from professors to adjuncts to department admins.

      1. Log in at using your LancerNet ID and password.
        Terminal Four Login boxes

      2. Locate your email address with the icon pointing outwards and click the action menu on that line. Select “Edit Content” from the options.
        find your email address, Actions, Edit Content

      3. Click on the “Directory Info: [Your Email]” link within the Content tab
        Directory Info

      4. To add bio information, enter your bio info within the “Enter Faculty Bio Information” content area.
        Directory Information Content
        Example bios:
      5. When finished with your profile page, do NOT click Save.
        Instead, click the arrow at the bottom-right and select “Save and approve”  (if you accidently just click Save, you can open it again and select “Save and approve”)
        Save As Directions
      6. All finished! Your bio will show up on your directory profile page on both Solomon and within 1 - 1.5 hour(s).  

        To view your profile page, search and click on your name within the online people directory: