Photo Gallery Sample

How To Make A T4 Photo Gallery

After identifying the existing section/page you want the photo gallery displayed on, you'll need to visit its section, go to the Content tab at the top, then use the +Create content button in green towards the top right side.

Starting a T4 Photo Gallery


Choose the Photo Gallery Content type by clicking on its name or checking the circle to the right and hitting next:

Photo Gallery Content Type


You will then see the content piece that creates galleries.

T4 Content Photo Gallery

Provide a Name. Next, select/upload your images using the Select Media buttons.  You can choose up to 20 images from your gallery.  Keep in mind copyright rules for your images, do not use images you did not create or are not given to you by the university.  

In the Media categories on the far left, use the + signs to expand and drill down to the equivalent "Solomon" folder for your site and select it.  When it turns bold, any images and files already in your site will appear on the right side.

Selecting Folders in T4

New images can be added by going to the Add media button button in the top right corner. 

Due to a system bug, be aware that upon adding a new image, you may have to select the image again from the list if it does not show initially.

Select the name of the image in the larger area to the right if it is already uploaded.

Images uploaded into T4

When you select an image, the system shows you "variants" of the original image size that have been created for you to select from.  Try to avoid the "Original" option above "full width" as it is the original image uploaded and may be too big for your purposes.  Created Dimensions will be visible in the Dimensions column.

Photo variants are created automatically by the system

Once selected, images will appear like this:

Uploaded Gallery Images

This interface will not allow you to sort the order of the gallery, so you'll need to re-select all images to create a new order.

You can use the Preview button in the top right T4 Preview buttoncorner to see how the gallery will appear.

Remember to "Save and approve" from the bottom right corner to post your gallery to Solomon.

 T4 Save and Approve

Do you need Longwood images?  Marketing & Communications maintains images they take here that you can "order" online.

If there are questions, contact us!