Smart Devices

Smart devices have become popular portable tools for email, calendaring, and contact support. ITS offers mobile messaging capabilities via Microsoft ActiveSync services.

What devices are supported?

Support is provided for iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch - 3rd generation and above) and Android devices connected via Microsoft ActiveSync services.

Who is permitted to connect to Longwood email/calendaring with a smart device?

Faculty and staff using Longwood owned or personally owned supported smart devices are permitted to connect to email/calendaring.

What are the requirements/expectations for users who connect to Longwood resources (email, calendaring) via ActiveSync?

ALL users who connect to Longwood resources via ActiveSync (Longwood owned and personally owned devices), are subject to Longwood's mobile computing policies. When connecting a smart device to Longwood resources via Active Sync users agree to the following:

  • Device Lock-A locking function (PIN, Password, Dot Pattern, etc.) MUST be set up on the device.
  • Idle Timeout- Devices MUST be set to timeout/lock after no more than 15 minutes of inactivity.
  • Lost or Stolen Devices- Lost or stolen devices MUST be reported to User Support Services, Information Security, or Campus Police (outside of regular business hours) immediately. ALL Longwood and personal data (files, pictures, music, contact lists, etc.) on lost or stolen devices will be remotely wiped by ITS.
  • Upon Separation:
    • Longwood-owned devices will be wiped by ITS in the event that the user is no longer employed by the University or if the device is transferred to another user. This wipe will remove ALL LONGWOOD and personal data (files, pictures, music, contacts lists, etc.) from the device.
    • Personal devices must be reconfigured. Users must remove the ActiveSync configuration on their personal devices in the event that the user is no longer employed by the University.


How do I get connected?