Virtual Private Network (VPN) options provide the convenience of remote access to administrative resources such as Banner Admin and network shares.

Longwood faculty and staff have two VPN options:

  • Web-based VPN: Users may connect to their office machine via a Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) connection. This access allows users to connect to their office computer from a computer in a remote location through a web browser. Once connected, users can work directly from the desktop on their office machine and access any resources that are available from their office. Note: The computer in the office MUST be powered on in order to utilize this option. The web-based VPN does not support Windows Vista at this time.
  • Installed VPN Client: This service requires configuration by IT and can only be used on a Longwood owned computer.

Please note: You must have an active connection to the Internet to use the VPN. You will only need to use the VPN to access administrative resources that are not publicly accessible such as Banner INB and network shares. You DO NOT need the VPN client to surf the Internet or check e-mail. You will experience decreased speed while connected to the VPN.

More information and the associated VPN and wireless policy links can be found on the Information Security website.