Procedure for Requesting Administrative Rights

  1. The supervisor (manager/director/chair) will send an email to helpdesk@longwood.edurequesting access to the administrative account for the Longwood employee(s). The email will include the name(s) and LancerNet ID(s) of the employee(s) for whom the request is being made. Note: per the University Access Policy (#6105), users may not request access for themselves.

  2. The user will be informed that a packet to include the user ID and password for the administrative account and a copy of the Privileged Access Control Standard is available for pick up at the Help Desk. The Privileged Access Control Standard outlines the requirements for use of the administrative account. All users of administrative accounts will be held to the Privileged Access Control Standard.

  3. Employees with access to privileged accounts will receive an email annually to review and agree to the Privileged Access Control Standard