Throughout the academic year 2015-2016, the College of Graduate and Professional Studies conducted a review of graduate studies at Longwood.  This review included two perspectives.  An external perspective was provided through a Strategic Consultation by a team from the Council of Graduate Schools.  An internal perspective was provided through the formation of a twelve member Task Force named by President Reveley and Provost Neff.

Both reviews produced a report, including a list of recommendations for 1 year, 3 years and 5 years.

CGS Strategic Consultation External Review

The CGS Strategic Consultation took place February 8-9, 2016 and was conducted by two external graduate deans Dr. Dennis Grady from Radford University and Dr. Amy McCandless from the College of Charleston, South Carolina.  Both institutions are similar to Longwood in scope and size of graduate studies and both deans are experienced in their roles as well as conducing reviews.  Their review included extensive research of documentation provided by Longwood and two days of interviewing a broad range of stakeholders.

  • CGS Recommendations
    This document lists the CGS Report recommendations ONLY by year of implementation.
  • Complete Report
    This is the complete report provided by the consultants.
  • CGS Cover Letter
    Letter from CGS officially concluding the study.
  • Team Visit Agenda
    Agenda and list of interviewees for team visit in February.
  • Crosswalk CGS Recommendations to Task Force
    This document compares the recommendations made by the CGS consultants to those made by the internal Graduate Studies Task Force enabling us to see where there were commonalities or recommendations unique to one or the other report.

Graduate Studies Task Force Internal Review

An extensive internal review process began in Fall, 2015 with a request from graduate faculty fully supported by President Reveley and Provost Neff. The official charge was issued in December, 2015 and work took place throughout the spring 2016 semester.  The Task Force worked on four topics as subgroups reviewing data, researching documentation, and collecting perspectives from multiple stakeholders.

  • Task Force Recommendations
    This document lists the Task Force recommendations ONLY by topic.
  • Task Force Complete Report
    This is the complete report compiled by the Task Force including subcommittee reports and appendices.
  • Task Force Members
    A list of the twelve Task Force members, the charge, and the subgroups formed after the first meeting.
  • Task Force Charge
    Email with the official charge and announcement of the Task Force to the campus.