Standards of Conduct

The Commonwealth of Virginia, under the Virginia Personnel Act through Department of Human Resource Management (DHRM) Policy 1.60, has set forth Standards of Conduct for employees.  Longwood University also uses this policy as a guide for those employees not covered under the Virginia Personnel Act, such as wage employees; probationary employees; and teaching, research and administrative and professional employees.

Minimum expectations for acceptable workplace conduct and performance:

  • Report to work as scheduled and seek approval from their supervisors in advance for any changes to the established work schedule, including the use of leave and late or early arrivals and departures.
  • Perform assigned duties and responsibilities with the highest degree of public trust.
  • Devote full effort to job responsibilities during work hours.
  • Maintain the qualifications, certification, licensure, and/or training requirements identified for their positions.
  • Demonstrate respect for the agency and toward agency coworkers, supervisors, managers, subordinates, residential clients, students, and customers.
  • Use state equipment, time, and resources judiciously and as authorized.
  • Support efforts that ensure a safe and healthy work environment.
  • Utilize leave and related employee benefits in the manner for which they were intended.
  • Resolve work-related issues and disputes in a professional manner and through established business processes.
  • Meet or exceed established job performance expectations.
  • Make work-related decisions and/or take actions that are in the best interest of the agency.
  • Comply with the letter and spirit of all state and agency policies and procedures, the Conflict of Interest Act, and Commonwealth laws and regulations.
  • Report circumstances or concerns that may affect satisfactory work performance to management, including any inappropriate (fraudulent, illegal, unethical) activities of other employees.
  • Obtain approval from supervisor prior to accepting outside employment.
  • Obtain approval from supervisor prior to working overtime, if non-exempt from the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).
  • Work cooperatively to achieve work unit and agency goals and objectives.
  • Conduct themselves at all times in a manner that supports the mission of Longwood University and the performance of their duties.

The Chief Human Resources Officer and HR Managers are available to consult with employees or supervisors regarding workplace conduct and performance.


Policy 2.35: Civility in the Workplace

The Commonwealth of Virginia and Longwood University are committed to providing a safe work environment; to fostering a culture of civility, diversity, inclusion, and equity; and to immediately address prohibited conduct.

Employees are required to participate in training on the Civility in the Workplace policy. A training module on this policy is available in the Commonwealth of Virginia Learning Center (COVLC) using any of the keywords to search: Civility in the Workplace, MVP, or DHRM.

Employees and third parties are encouraged to report incidents of prohibited conduct under the Civility in the Workplace Policy as soon as possible after the incident occurs.   Managers and supervisors who observe and/or become aware of violations of this policy are also responsible for reporting violations of this policy. For violations of sexual misconduct refer to the Title IX Policy.

A formal complaint should be made to Chief Human Resources Officer or an HR Manager. For serious complaints, an immediate complete and impartial investigation will be conducted. If it is determined that there was a violation, corrective action will be taken.

The Commonwealth of Virginia and Longwood University will not tolerate any form of retaliation directed against an employee or third party who, in good faith, either reports these prohibited behaviors or participates in any investigation concerning such behaviors.


Workplace Conflict Resolution

The Office of Equal Employment and Dispute Resolution (EEDR) offers a statewide workplace mediation service. EEDR’s Workplace Mediation Program is a confidential, fair, and voluntary process in which neutral, impartial mediators assist Virginia state employees in exploring potential joint resolution to their workplace conflicts involving:

  • Communication Difficulties
  • Trust and Respect Concerns
  • Personality Clashes
  • Misunderstanding of Work Expectations
  • Differences in Management and Work Styles

Parties interested in securing the participation of a mediator for a dispute should contact the Chief Human Resources Officer.


Reginald Marsh
HR Manager, Employee Relations & Title IX investigator
Phone: 434.395.2607