Procedures for Remembrance Fund

Human Resources is responsible for the administration of the Remembrance Fund. The fund may be used for the following purposes:

A.  Birth or adoption of an employee’s child,

B.  Hospitalization of an employee three days or longer,

C.  Death in employee's immediate family. Immediate family includes: spouse, parents, brothers, sisters       and children (including stepchildren).


When an employee experiences one of the above events, the employee’s department is responsible for notifying the Benefits Assistant in the Office of Human Resources.  Human Resource staff will handle ordering and payment of the gift or memorial as listed below:

  • Gifts will be ordered for employees who have a birth or adoption of a child.  The gift will be sent to the employee’s home address. 
  • For hospitalization of employees, a floral arrangement or plant will be sent to the hospital or employee’s home.
  • A floral arrangement, plant or memorial contribution will be arranged for the death of an employee’s immediate family member.


  • If two employees experience the same event, one gift or memorial will be issued.
  • This fund does not cover the costs of gifts, awards or party-related expenses for departing employees. Gifts for employees retiring and length of service awards are handled through annual awards dinners.Should departments desire to convey going away gifts or incur party-related expenses for separating employees, neither Longwood nor Foundation funds may be used to cover these types of items.

Questions regarding the Remembrance Fund can be directed to Human Resources at ext. 2632 or ext. 2074.


Notary Public Services 

Please call one of the Notaries listed below to ensure availability.

Office hours are 8:15 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. weekdays. Please bring a photo ID. There is no charge for notary service.

  • Heather Staylor - x2952
  • Kim Witcher - x2632