The following documents are provided to define the different types of payments and describe the payment process: Payment Definitions (doc) and Payment Process Flowchart (doc)

Employee Performance Management

Administrative & Professional Faculty:

Classified Employees:

Recruitment & Hiring

Virginia and Federal Tax Withholding Forms:

New Hire Foreign Nationals please complete the following form for tax purposes:

Employee Separation

Note: The Separation Request form (& resignation letter, if applicable) must be received in Human Resources before or on the employee's last day of employment.

Note: Employee Checklist should be received in Human Resources on the day of separation or shortly after.


Employee Related


Leave Reports


Click on the shaded area to enter the appropriate information in the space provided. Once you have completed the leave report, print it and sign it as the Person Preparing Report in the space provided. Have your supervisor sign it as Authorized Signature in the space provided. Forward the report to the Human Resources Office, Lancaster Building.