Foundation Funds Disbursement Policy 9301

Description: The purpose of this policy is to establish guidelines for determining accountable uses for Foundation funds.

Owner: Administration & Finance

Policies Governing the Relationship Between the Foundation and the University 9302

Description: The purpose of this policy is to define the relationship between the University and the Foundation.

Owner: Administration & Finance

Policy and Procedures Writing Guide (Attachment 2) 001

Description: A writing guide to follow for all proposed Longwood University policies.

Owner: Administration & Finance

Signature Authority on Contracts 1003

Description: To establish those university employees who are authorized to sign contracts to enter the university into official commitments, financial or otherwise.

Owner: Administration & Finance

University Policy Approval and Update Procedures

Description: Each Vice President will designate a division representative to be responsible for reviewing and updating their areas' policies on an annual basis. All new or revised policies must be brought to Cabinet by the appropriate vice president for initial review and approval.

Owner: Area Coordinators